November 30, 2020

Crazy Gifts for Employees this Holiday Season

By baekchan

It’s always best to stay professional Slot deposit with your employees, but sometimes professional relationships can benefit from a little humor. The internet is a magical place where anyone with a penchant for the absurd can find what it is they’re looking for, whether that means a $22 life-size poster of a senior citizen brushing her teeth or a $65 portable barbecue suitcase. If you run a small business where you’re looking to spice up gifts for this year, here are 20 ridiculous ideas we found.

1. Cubii Under Desk Elliptical ($349)

This under-desk elliptical comes packed with features like adjustable resistance and Fitbit compatibility. This exercise equipment can provide a great way for employees to work out while they’re at their desk and track their progress. It’s not clear, however, how in-office workouts will affect productivity.

2. Carrot Pillow ($105)

This big carrot pillow is four feet long and a foot wide, making it a weird vegetable-shaped body pillow. Labeled for “loneliness,” this carrot is a crazy gift for any employee or home alike. Who knew carrots could provide this level of comfort?

3. Ruggie Alarm Clock ($74.99+)

The Ruggie Alarm Clock will force your employees out of bed – you have to stand on it to turn it off. This may be a good gift for someone who’s notoriously late. There’s no guaranteeing, though, what a worker will do after they stand on the pad to turn it off (likely go back to sleep).

4. Rachio 3 Smart Lawn Sprinkler Controller ($228)

In a world where Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa is in everything, you can turn on your yard’s sprinklers using Alexa. The Rachio 3 Smart Lawn Sprinkler Controller allows you to set schedules, manage your lawn from your smartphone and skip a cycle if it’s rainy or windy. This smart lawn hydration system will cost you, though.