General FAQ.

I want a domain name. What do I do?

You can register domain names and change your domain name information only through an Agent/Registrar.

These accredited Agents/Registrars can automatically register domain names and update domain names that are registered through them.

Please contact one of the Agents/Registrars.

Each Agent has its own terms and conditions. Before registering your domain name with an agent, be sure you agree with the services offered.

Why do I need DNS anyway?

Computers work with digits (actually bits and bytes, but these are some kind of numbers). People, on the other hand, tend to remember names and words more easily. DNS (Domain Name System) is a system that translates names into numbers, so both computers and people can get along.

Can I freely choose a name?

You can choose whatever name that is still available. However, there are some technical restrictions:

Only letters (a-z), digits(0-9) and hyphens(-) are allowed. A domain name cannot start or end with a hyphen "-".

Acceptable names : dns, 1st, greetings, abcde, 2gohome, surf2, i-am-happy-in, jeanjacques, enterprise, ...
Disallowed :, -go-to, Jean&Fils, Super_enterprises,

Although the automated system will allow you to register any name, you are still subject to the legal system. The trade laws e.g. will not allow you to use the tradename owned by someone else.

How do I get an Internet Connection?

You can get an internet connection via a so called ISP (Internet Service Provider). Depending on whether you need a fixed IP address (typically for usage over leased lines and such), you will have to stop by a local Internet Registry (most ISP's will take care of this for you).

Can I connect my (free) website, for instance: to

We only register domain names, this means that we connect to the nameservers of your provider. All other services (like www, ftp, mail etc...) are organized by your provider. It is this nameserverprovider who can make the connection to your (free) website. Although this is technically possible, both providers should allow this operation, if one doesn't agree it can't work. For more details contact your provider(s).

Can I get a list of all domain names?

No, this is against the Belgian privacy legislation and such a list can be abused for spamming.
Subsequently interrogating our whois server will be seen as abuse, this can result in the blocking of your IP address for a certain time.

Can I setup my own webserver, and do I need a provider in that case?

This has nothing to do with us, we only make connections to nameservers, not webservers. The only thing we need to know is the nameservers on which your domain name will be hosted. It is the responsibility of your Agent/Registrar to fill in these nameservers in the application templates.

Can I register my domain name without nameservers for the moment and add them later?

It is possible to register a domain name without nameservers. However, you should be aware that your domain name will not function.

How much does a website cost with you?

We do not host websites, this is done by providers. We only connect domain names ( , and not to the nameservers of your provider. It is this nameserverprovider who makes a connection to your website.

Can I register a .com (or .nl,.de,.fr,.uk etc...) domain name with you?

No, .com domains are managed by Internic. Please take a look at their website ( or contact your provider. For domain names with other extensions please take a look at domain name services

Somebody else registered my name, what can I do?

If it is your company name, a tradename or trademark, and the other company cannot claim any legal rights to the name it registered, you should appeal to the Alternative Dispute Procedure. This is a fast procedure that typically takes about 50 days between the submission of the complaint and the decision of the mediator.
In all other cases, since this is a first come, first served system, nothing can be done.

Can I transfer my domain name to another registrar?

Yes, you can. Just contact the registrar that you want to transfer your domain name to and he will initiate the transfer. We will send you an e-mail asking for your confirmation. If you reply positively to that e-mail, the transfer becomes effective within the next 24 hours. Please note that we process transfers only on working days.

What happens if my agent is no longer a DNS agent?

Whenever the contract between an agent and DNS terminates there are 2 possibilities:

Takeover by another agent:
Another agent takes over the whole portfolio of domain names. Your agent should inform you of this takeover and the agent transfer is free of charge. You have of course the opportunity to appoint a different agent at any time but in that case the transfer becomes paying and the expiry date of your domain will be changed.

No takeover:
All domains will be (temporarily) transferred to DNS who will contact all licensees. You are invited to choose as soon as possible a new agent to host your domain since we cannot guarantee the nameservers of the old agent to remain operational.

When will a QUARANTINEd domain be released?

Remember : when an agent deletes a domain name it is put 'in quarantine'. The domain name is 'frozen' for 40 days and no transactions can be carried out, except for these two:

a transfer initiated before the delete;
a REACTIVATE: transaction that can restore a quarantined domain to the condition it was in before the delete.

General principle: the automatic release program will only free a domain name if a full 40 days have passed.

Names are freed 24 times a day, each time on the half hour (0.30, 1.30, 2.30,...). On our website you will find a list of these domainnames, listed by day (and hour). You can click on a date and see the names that will be freed that specific day.

Thanks to our friends for the excellent facilities at our office...

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